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Our Story

FTS Threads. Gender Neutral, Vegan Clothing. Fashion without Boundaries. FTS was born from the train wreck that was 2020. Being tired of all the hate, arguments, and bitterness of everyone, the idea was to bring unity and positivity to the world. Fuck This Shit Threads was founded in order to create an alternate style of clothing made for everyone. Inspired by music, sports, life, skater, and tattoo culture. Yet with all this in mind we still wish to remain subtle, we do not want to shout our message in people’s faces but instead make them look twice.

Throughout its short life we have seen rapid growth and interest in the positivity movement. People are tired of hatred, tired of narrow mindedness, and tired of not being heard.
Our Story is still in its early stages, yet we are certain our Gender Neutral ethos, Vegan friendly clothing, and our minimal waste manufacturing process will be loved and adopted by so many more going forward.

Here at FTS Threads we believe everyone deserves representation. All our clothing is made and designed to be Gender Neutral. We aren’t going to label who an item of clothing is designed for, its designed for you, it’s designed for everyone.
This paired with our Vegan certified suppliers, we can ensure that our clothing genuinely is for everyone.



FTS Threads was born from the positivity that lurks from within the negativity. There is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We need to have our voices heard and for this, we need unity.